Prayer of the Day

Feast of St. Francis de Sales – Week of Prayer for Church Unity

January 24th, 2015
""If a Kingdom is divided against itself, that Kingdom cannot stand.""

Jesus’ Ministry is centred on love.  His works being healing, salvation and liberation.  People are very impressed not only by the marvels He performs,  but also by His compassion for those who have neither voice nor power in society.  More and more people flock to Him for healing and for the words He says.  They who oppose Him watch Him very closely.  They criticise Him and utter false statements about His authority and power.  They accuse Him of being mentally deranged.  Here,  Mark tells us that even Jesus’ relatives misunderstand His passion for His work.  Jesus’ works are directed towards one goal.  The fulfilment of God’s reign.  The religious leaders are blind to the truth and so are those who are close to Him.  Their places will be taken by those who follow Jesus in faith and do God’s will.

Prayer Lord we pray for the forgotten ones of all nations, the elderly, children and the imprisoned, that their plight may be known, and supplies may reach them. Amen