Prayer of the Day

Feast of St. Januarius, Bishop & Martyr

September 19th, 2015
"Listen, anyone who has ears to hear!" Luke 8 : 8

One of the favourite teaching methods of Jesus were parables.  These were stories that illustrated deep spiritual insights that are just as challenging for us today as they were for the people who heard them for the first time.  Today’s Gospel is the parable of the sower.  When Jesus first told this parable even his close followers couldn’t understand its meaning.  Then Jesus interpreted it for them.    The seed is the word of God and he himself is the sower.  The  fruitfulness of the seed depends on the ground where it falls, the hearts of those who hear it.   God is continually sowing the seed of his word in our hearts and he waits patiently for us to receive it.  Our main task is to be open and receptive.    The growth and the
harvest is in God’s hands.  Nevertheless we  should strive as much as possible to bring to perfection the word we have received.


Loving God we pray that the seed of your word may take firm root in our hearts and produce an abundant harvest. Amen