Prayer of the Day

Feast of St. Jarlath and St. Norbert

June 6th, 2014
""Feed my sheep."" John 21 : 17

As Peter disowned Jesus three times,  so does the Lord now require a confession from him.  Then he is entrusted with a special mission,  it is to share of Jesus Himself who feeds the hungry with the bread of life and tends to them as the Good Shepherd.  Because Peter accepts his weakness the Lord is able to work through him.   In commissioning Peter,  the Lord,  stresses not the exercise of authority as a Shepherd,  but as the pastoral care of His flock.  Peter’s love for Jesus must be seen in his concern for the flock.  The sheep are Christ’s but not Peter’s.

The Lord is just and loves just deeds,  the upright shall see His face.  Are you convinced that a Christian’s fundamental option is to be and do good.

Prayer Lord, show us how to live in holiness, through prayer, resurrection, forgiveness, humility and love. Amen