Prayer of the Day

Feast of St. John of Kanty

December 23rd, 2013
""His mother said; 'No, he is to be called John."" Luke 1 : 60

Zechariah and Mary experience this response of fear or awe.  Zechariah is at the altar offering incense when the angel appears to him,  and he is troubled by what he sees.  Here the neighbours of John’s parents are awed by the combination of the extraordinary events surrounding the couple and their son.   Elizabeth’s unexpected pregnancy,  the parents strange insistence on a name,  and the immediate recovery of Zechariah’s speech after he names his son.   The activity of God in the life of John,  who will prepare the way of the Lord through the Baptism of repentance.

Prayer Let us pray for all new-born children, may the hand of the Lord remain with them, so that they may grow up to be signs of God's love to those around them. Lord hear us. Amen