Prayer of the Day

Feast of St. Kevin, Abbot

June 3rd, 2015
""When they rise from the dead they are like angels in heaven."" Mark 12 : 25

Today is the feast day of St. Kevin who was a native of Leinster and grew up in Kilnamanagh where he received his early religious formation.  Wishing to be a hermit,  he crossed the Wicklow mountains and set up his dwelling in Glendalough at the foot of the Upper Lake.  But disciples began to gather around him and gradually a great monastic settlement developed into a place of study,  prayer and learning and spread through the glen after his death in 618.

The Reading today continues the story of Tobit during his affliction with blindness.  Some of his prayer reflects his feelings outpoured in stanza, like the following; “You are just, O Lord and just are all your works.  All your ways are grace and truth and you are the judge of the world.  Therefore God remember me,  look on me,  do not punish me for my sins or for my heedless faults or for those of my fathers.”   A long lamenting prayer of afflictions experienced by members of the family trying to bear up and find solace in persevering prayer,  summed up in the Psalm Antiphon; “To you O Lord I lift up my soul.”

(Mark 12 : 18 – 27) Jesus points out the mistakes of people questioning him about the writings of Moses on marriage in the Old Testament.  Jesus words; “Is not the reason why you go wrong,  that you understand neither the Scriptures nor the power of God; For when they rise from the dead men and women do not marry,  no,  they are like the angels in heaven.  He is God,  not of the dead,  but of the living.”



Jesus your word is trust, consecrate us in the truth, confirm us in our faith, that you are the Resurrection and the Life. Amen