Prayer of the Day

Feast of St. Padre Pio, Priest

September 23rd, 2015
"Jesus sent them out to proclaim the Kingdom of God and to heal." Luke 9 : 2
Feast of St. Padre Pio, Priest

During the three years of his public life Jesus chose twelve disciples whom he prepared to continue his mission when he returned to his Father.  Part of that preparation was to send them out in twos on a trial mission.  They were to travel from village to village proclaiming the Kingdom of God,  casting out devils,  curing diseases,  healing the sick.  They were to take nothing with them for the journey trusting in providence to care for them and in the power of God’s word to bring them success.  If people rejected them they were simply to move on to the next village.   Perhaps the hardest part of any mission is learning to cope with failure.  Of course if missionaries are acting in their own name they’ll be very upset if they’re not successful.  A story is told of Mother Teresa who during a visit to London was heckled by a young journalist. “Your life has been a failure,  Mother Teresa” he said “because you didn’t save all the destitute in Calcutta.”   Mother Teresa replied; “You’re quite right young man.  My life has been a failure.  But then God didn’t ask me to succeed.  He asked me to be faithful.”

We could all learn from the example of Blessed Mother Teresa as we strive to live our Baptismal calling to proclaim the Good News by the witness of our lives.


Lord we ask you to renew your Spirit within us so that we may be witnesses of Gospel joy to your people. Amen