Prayer of the Day

Feast of St. Romuald

June 19th, 2015
"“Do not store up treasures for yourself on earth, but store up treasure for yourself in Heaven."" Matthew 6 : 19

 In  the 1st reading (2 Cor.11: 18.21-30), Paul recounts his history –loss of rights, persecution, hunger, dangerand disaster on land and sea. Despite all this he had unsparing energy to share the word of God.  In Matthew’s account, Jesus emphasises the need to store up spiritual treasures  rather than material ones ; our whole Christian lives are to be centred on acquiring merit for the next life. Having a sense of priorities is essential, and re-evaluating our value system.  Where do we invest our time , effort and energy—is it  in pursuit of personal gain /happiness, or is it for the sake of the Kingdom?

Prayer Today, Lord, we pray for all who give their talents and gifts to the growth of your Kingdom and who work for those who are in need. Amen