Prayer of the Day

Feast of St. Willibrord, Bishop & Missionary

November 7th, 2016
"If your brother comes back to you seven times a day and says, 'I am sorry' you must forgive him. " Luke 17 : 1

The main message of St. Luke’s gospel from beginning to end is God’s mercy and its power to change hearts. The disciples in today’s gospel were appalled at the high standard of mercy and forgiveness being asked of them by Jesus. How could they be expected to forgive someone seven times a day.  It sounded impossible.  So they asked Jesus for an increase in faith.  If we are honest with ourselves we find the standard way too high for us also.  We are by nature so critical and intolerant and that even small offences can be blown out of all proportion. Offering and receiving forgiveness is difficult, it requires us to be open to the grace of God.  Frequent reception of the sacraments especially the sacrament of reconciliation has been recommended by Pope Francis as a remedy. When we come to this sacrament, with what we see and what we don’t see of our selfishness and lack of forgiveness, the Lord is able to purify and heal us.


Merciful Lord give us the compassion and mercy to forgive all who have injured us in any way. Amen