Prayer of the Day

Feast of The Guardian Angels

October 2nd, 2015
"Whoever welcomes a child in my name welcomes me."

When we were young we had a simple kind of religion. Catechism then gave simple answers to the problems of good and evil and the challenges of living a good moral life. This religious practice may have worked then, but I don’t think it works now. Jesus tells His disciples that unless they become like little children they will not enter the Kingdom of God. Jesus is not asking us to hold on to a child’s view or to a childish kind of faith. What Jesus wants from us is trust, humility and faith in God. These are virtues, qualities of a mature person. In a world of division and contradiction and make believe, we must hold on to our confidence in God who cares for us as His beloved children.


Lord, we pray that you grant us hearts open to your abundant grace, and eyes of faith that help us all and trust in the signs of your presence that surround us. Lord hear us. Amen