Prayer of the Day

Feast of The Irish Martyrs

June 20th, 2014
"“The eye is the lamp of the body….”" Matthew 6 : 22

Images of light span the Bible. The first words spoken by God in the Bible are “Let there be light,” and God saw how good it was.” (Genesis 1:3) The Book of Revelation ends when God will give light to His servants forever. (Rev. 22:5)

Those whose vision is not focussed on obedience to God will plunge their whole selves into darkness.  Spiritual vision is our capacity to see clearly what God wants us to do and to see the world from his point of view. But this spiritual insight can be easily clouded. Self-serving desires, interests and goals block that vision. A ‘good’ eye is one that is fixed on God.

Prayer Lord, open my eyes that I may observe the wonders of your Creation. Amen