Prayer of the Day

Fifth Sunday of Lent

March 22nd, 2015
"“The Greeks approached Philip, and put this request to him; ‘Sir we would like to see Jesus.’"" John 12 : 21

 The Greeks requested Philip and Andrew that they might see Jesus, the wonder-worker.  Jesus replied to them that soon many would follow him, but it would only be through self-sacrifice.  Like the buried wheat-grain which will bear fruit, so Jesus ’own death and Resurrection will bring life to many. We will also ”see” Jesus if we follow His call which is universal. We need to lose our life for others in order to gain Eternal life.

Prayer We ask the Lord that we might see Him in the people around us , particularly in the poor , the lonely and the most vulnerable in society. Teach us Lord to be kind and unselfish towards others. Amen