Prayer of the Day

Fifth Week of Lent

March 16th, 2016
"What must I do to inherit eternal life?" Matthew 19 : 16
Following Jesus

As Jesus was setting out on a journey a man asked him; ‘What must I do to inherit eternal life?’ (Matthew 19 : 16 – 22)  This young man believes that to be faithful to God it is enough to follow the Commandments.  Here,  Jesus tells him that he is lacking in one thing.  He is free to serve God in all areas of his life but one,  that of ownership.  He tells the man to renounce what enslaves him. The young man goes away very sad because he has many possessions.  Like other Jews he believes that wealth is a sign of God’s favour.  Jesus sees it as an obstacle for committing oneself totally to God.


Lord Jesus, help us to repent for the times we have not acknowledged or shared our rich blessings. Lord hear us Amen