Prayer of the Day

Fifth Week of Lent – Feast of St. Patrick, Patron of Ireland

March 17th, 2016
"The Lord appointed seventy others and sent them on ahead of Him." Luke 10 : 1
Happy St. Patrick's DAy

“Go on your way,  behold I am sending you.”(Luke 10 : 1 – 12)  Travelling to Jerusalem Jesus send out in pairs His followers who will extend His Ministry of healing and preaching the Kingdom of God to all who will welcome them.  The task of spreading the Word of God is so great that it cannot be restricted to the Twelve.  It must be carried out by the Seventy Two and others.  Still,  these will not be enough.  Jesus tells the disciples that the harvest is enormous compared to the small number of evangelisers,  so they pray for more workers.  The Seventy Two are given the same instructions as the Twelve.  Luke shows that the Mission of Jesus continues in the evangelist’s own day through those who succeed the Twelve.


God of compassion, deepen our love for you. We make our prayer through Christ Our Lord. Amen