Prayer of the Day

First Sunday of Advent

November 29th, 2015
"Stay awake, praying for the strength to endure." Luke 21 : 35

Today as we begin the First week of Advent, we are in a time of preparation  for the Feast of the Incarnation at Christmas.  As Christians we look forward to this event not by feverish planning of  menus and gift-giving but by reflecting on the events which occurred in the Holy Family in those days. “Prepare the way of  the Lord, make straight his Paths.” (Mark 1 : 3)  Just as Joseph provided for the safety of his family by migrating to Egypt so we too remember all those who must leave their homes for a nomadic existence. The Lord who created the cosmos out of chaos will guide, protect and govern us all in these troubled times of history.


Lord Jesus, we ask you for a true spirit of Advent, to pray and reflect on the real meaning of the coming feast, and to realise the value of our sharing with the needy. Amen