Prayer of the Day

First Sunday of Advent

December 1st, 2013
"“They will hammer their swords into ploughshares, their spears into sickles.”" Isaiah 2 : 1

As we sing Come, O Come Emmanuel, will we remember the Messiah came for all people, of all nations, without qualifications or disclaimers?  Let this Divine welcome start at the doors of our parishes, so judgment ceases at the thresholds.  For in welcoming the diversity of demographics and cultures, may we see our faith call us to unity, which respects the uniqueness of each person. Shall we beat our swords, used to inflict verbal righteousness and promote myopic causes, into ploughshares that dig deep furrows to plant seeds of inclusivity.  A unity, which embraces the richness of our faith and touches the breadth of our soul, the breadth of humanity and  the breadth of creation.  For Jesus comes this Advent and each day, not to occupy a crib in a quaint manger scene, but to show us the darkness of our desires, rivalry and jealousy do not awaken us to His peace.  Let us strive by Christmas Day to say, “Peace be within you,” with a smile and sincerity of heart to all we meet.

Prayer Lord in a world of social and economic strife, solidarity calls us to see others, locally and globally, as our brothers and sisters. Let us not exploit and demean people, but let us affirm each other as part of the human family. Amen