Prayer of the Day

First Sunday of Lent

February 14th, 2016
"Jesus was led by the Spirit through the wilderness and was tempted." Luke 4 : 1
The wilderness

Jesus wanted to do his Father’s will, even though it might cost him great sacrifice, suffering, and even the loss of his own life. When Jesus went out into the wilderness to fight temptation by the devil, he was led by the Holy Spirit. Jesus did not rely on his own human strength and will-power for overcoming temptation. He relied on the Holy Spirit to give him strength, wisdom, courage, and self-control. We need the strength and guidance of the Holy Spirit to help us. The Lord gives grace to those who humbly acknowledge their dependence on him, and the strength and help which comes from the Holy Spirit. Do you seek God’s wisdom and guidance for overcoming sin and avoiding the near occasions of sin?


Lord Jesus, your word is life and joy for me. Fill me with your Holy Spirit that I may have the strength and courage to embrace your will in all things and to renounce whatever is contrary to it. Amen