Prayer of the Day

Fourth Week of Easter

April 28th, 2015
"“For he (Barnabas) was a good man, full of the Holy Spirit and of faith. And a great many people were brought to the Lord.”" Acts 11 : 24

Barnabas gives us a wonderful example of how to help new Christians. He demonstrates strong faith; he ministered joyfully with kindness and encouragement; he taught new believers further lessons about God. His name signifies ‘son of encouragement’. Remember Barnabas when you see new believers, and think of ways to help them grow in their faith. It was the enthusiasm of Barnabas which induced him to search for Paul in order to bring him to Antioch, to be involved in the mission of spreading the Good News. It has been suggested that were it not for Barnabas, Paul might never have come forward to get involved in proclaiming the Good News.

Prayer Lord, give us the courage to leave our comfort zones in order to reach out to those who need to hear the Good News – that Christ died for all, because he loves us. Amen