Prayer of the Day

Fourth Week of Lent

March 12th, 2016
"I for my part was like a trustful lamb being led to the slaughter house not knowing the schemes they were plotting against me." Jeremiah 11 : 19

We have many different ways of addressing Our Lord in prayer e.g. the Good Shepherd,  Sacred Heart,  Divine Mercy.  Perhaps the most significant name we can give to Jesus is to call Him the Lamb of God.  The story of the Lamb that was slain goes back to the time when God saved his people from Egypt.  That Lamb whose blood was sprinkled on the doors of the Israelites prefigured Christ who would save all humanity by his Death and Resurrection.   Each Mass celebrates that liberation so it is fitting that just before receiving Holy Communion the priest holding up the Sacred Host invites us to ‘Behold the Lamb of God.’   We are indeed blessed to be called to ‘The Supper of the Lamb.’

One of the few places of pilgrimage which venerate the image of the Lamb is Knock in Ireland.  When Our Lady appeared there over one hundred years ago with St. Joseph and St. John The Evangelist,  they all stood close to an altar with a cross and the figure of a lamb around which angels hovered.   This is the same Lamb that Jeremiah spoke of when he foretold the suffering and death of Christ.  And its the same Lamb that St. John speaks of in the closing book of the Bible where he writes ‘worthy is the Lamb who was slain to receive power and riches,  wisdom and strength,  honour,  glory and praise.  (Revelation 5 : 12)


Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world. Have mercy on us. Amen (Eucharistic Prayer)