Prayer of the Day

Mark 4 : 33

June 14th, 2015
"Lord, teach us to receive your word in truth and love, let our minds be open to your Holy Spirit so that we can grow and become your messengers of truth. Amen." 6

In today’s Gospel we have an agricultural theme of growth linking the 3 readings.  In the first reading from Ezechiel  (17:22-24), the Lord promises to raise the low tree high,  make it fruitful and allow all the birds of the air to rest in its shade. In 2 Corinthians(5:6-10)  we are   promised the full rewards of our labours, and in Mark’s Gospel the silently growing seed is likened to the words of Christ which will bear fruit in due season. There must be no forceful intervention in this, as the Kingdom of God—likened to the mustard seed , is freely  accepted or rejected by those listening to His word. His kingdom will be a spiritual home for all peoples.  Our task is to cultivate the poor soil of our hearts to make it fruitful and receptive.

Prayer 14 Jun