Prayer of the Day

Mark 6 : 49

January 9th, 2015
"Lord Jesus we thank you for your continued care for your Church and for each one of us. It gives us great consolation to know that you are always interceding for us before the Father. Amen" 9 Jan

Today’s gospel gives us the famous episode of Jesus walking on water.  Mark tells us that the phenomena occurred not too long after the miraculous feeding of the five thousand.  Jesus sends his disciples away on a boat while he goes up into the hills to pray.  Even in the midst of a very busy schedule Jesus always spends time in prayer.  In the meantime his disciples are experiencing difficulties with the strong wind.  Aware of their plight Jesus walks on water in order to rescue them.  The disciples are terrified thinking he is a ghost.  He quickly reassures them, gets into the boat and the wind drops.  This account is given to us by Mark whose gospel is based on the testimony of St. Peter.  From that point of view it is interesting to note that at that stage the disciples did not understand the significance of Jesus walking on water or the feeding of the five thousand because “their minds were closed.”  It was only after the resurrection that the disciples
really understood who Jesus was.  For us the episode has deeper meaning.  A boat always seems to signify the Church.  Jesus sends his disciples into the boat (Church) to sail on the sea of the world  while he intercedes for his Church in heaven.  He is always watching over his Church and ready to step in when storms are threatening to overwhelm it.  He has promised to be with his Church till the end of time.

Prayer 6