Prayer of the Day


May 11th, 2015
""You too will be my witnesses."" John 15 : 27

In today’s readings,  Jesus teaches us a lot about the Spirit.  He has now ascended to the Father’s right hand, and he longs to pour out his gift on us.  The Spirit is the greatest gift he can give.  We receive the Spirit at Baptism, and also when we are Confirmed.  Jesus understands the fear of his disciples as they face the world,  and the trials they will endure.  However,  He promises that they,  and we who follow them,  will not be alone in these trials,  as he will send his Spirit to be with them.   If we spend time in prayer and reflection each day,  the Spirit will reveal Christ to us and fill our hearts with enthusiasm to bring the good news to all we meet.

Prayer Lord Jesus, may your Spirit help us to imitate you in healing faithful witnesses no matter what opposition we face. Amen