Prayer of the Day

The Transfiguration

August 6th, 2015
"Rabbi, it is wonderful for us to be here." Mark 9 : 5

The glorious feast of the Transfiguration,  which we are celebrating today,  provides us with a wonderful opportunity to contemplate the life to come.  The liturgy,  in encouraging us to reflect on Jesus’ Transfiguration,  is also encouraging us to fix our thoughts on things above.  As we read in Colossians; “Set your mind on things above,  not on earthly things.”   The Transfiguration had a profound impact on Peter which he never forgot.  Each experience involved God the Father speaking of his love and pleasure in his Son and urging us to listen to him.  The relationship between the Father and the Son is one that is built on love,  as today’s Gospel shows.  Peter,  James and John got a glimpse of the life of the Trinity.  This will sustain them in difficult times ahead.  We,  too,  need our moments of glory and transfiguration – moments that will keep us on course,  even when things get difficult.

Lord, we need your help too;  the glow of the sanctuary lamp,  the flickering of the Mass candles,  not as bright as Tabor but, “Lord it is wonderful for us to be here.”


Lord, transfigure us with your glory. Amen