Prayer of the Day

Twenty-Third Sunday of the Year

September 6th, 2015
"He took him aside to be by themselves, away from the crowd..." Mark 7 : 33

In  today’s Gospel, Jesus heals a deaf and mute man. He takes him aside—usually the method used by Jesus in his ministry. He never works to perform to the local media.   Also here, he shows his understanding of the deaf mute by bringing him away from  a noisy environment so he can encounter Jesus personally and not be overcome by the enormous noise he will experience when Jesus works his miracle of healing.  We too need to encounter the real Jesus  “face to face” when we renew  our acquaintance with Him and make it a real friendship.  We can do this at different times of the day or during the week when we step aside from our normal routine to give special time to Him, to listen to Him, and to come away rested, refreshed  and “healed.”


Lord Jesus, when I am busiest , most distracted , worried, and impatient with myself and others, help me to spiritually “step aside” in my mind and heart to think of You, and your great love. ”Lord hear me." Amen