Prayer of the Day

Saturday After Epiphany

January 9th, 2016
"They saw him walking on the lake. " Mark 6 : 45

Going fishing in the Sea of Galilee is a risky business as sudden and terrible storms can occur quite frequently. For the apostles it was one of the hazards of the job. After the miraculous feeding of the five thousand Jesus sent these fishermen out on their boat while he went off to pray by himself. The storm blew and Jesus watched from a distance. When things got very bad he decided to intervene and he did so in a most unusual way – he walked on water! Jesus obviously wanted his disciples to sit up and take notice. The miraculous feeding of the five thousand earlier in the day should have opened their eyes to who Jesus was but it didn’t. The gospel tells us that “their minds were closed.” Jesus was anxious for them to know that the power of God was working through him so that they could come to believe in the God of love that he mirrored so faithfully. When he came to them walking on water they merely thought that he was a ghost and they were terrified. He had to reassure them. Very often we fail to see the presence of God in our lives. Yet Jesus is always near, hidden from sight, but always ready to step into our boat when we really need him. But like the apostles our minds are often closed to his presence and care.


Loving Lord we often lose sight of your saving help. Give us the grace to believe that we are never alone, that you are always with us. Amen