Prayer of the Day

Second Sunday after Christmas

January 5th, 2014
""The Word was made flesh and lived among us."" John 1 : 14

In the prologue of St. John’s Gospel we are presented with the Word, Jesus, who is the centre and meaning of all reality – the goal of all human history.  John tells us that he existed with the Father before time began and that he was present at the creation of the world. In fact it was “through him that all things were made,” every molecule, every sub-atomic particle, every galaxy in our vast incomprehensible universe.  At the Incarnation it was this Jesus who took on all our human limitations in order to give us a share in his divine life.  The society into which he was born, the Jewish people, had been given centuries of preparation and yet many did not accept him.  We find this hard to understand but in reality we know that despite our baptism we are still tempted to stay in the dark rather than fully accept the light which Jesus brings.  To accept that light requires a change of mind and heart.

Prayer Lord Jesus, fill my heart with your light. May I always acknowledge you as my Saviour and be more faithful to your Gospel. Amen