Prayer of the Day

Second Sunday of Lent

February 21st, 2016
"And a voice came from the cloud saying “ This is my son, the chosen One. Listen to Him." Luke 9 : 35

In this account of the Transfiguration , we are invited to  accompany Peter, James and John up the mountain to be with Jesus in prayer. While there, Jesus becomes changed from his ordinary appearance into a dazzling vision of glory. The Apostles are startled – even more so when Moses and Elijah join Jesus  in prayer.  On reflection, this event was meant to strengthen the faith of the Apostles before the terrible happenings of Holy Week and to overcome their future humiliation in the Passion and death of Jesus, by realising who Jesus really was.  They are told by the Father to be attentive to Him. We can also think that the private conversation between Jesus and his prophets helped him in some way to prepare for his coming suffering and death.


Lord Jesus give us a strong faith which will lead us to follow you through these days of Lent and self-denial so that we may one day see you in glory. Help those who have no faith. Lord Hear us. Amen