Prayer of the Day

Second Week of Advent – Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe and St. Finnian, Bishop

December 12th, 2014
""But to what will I compare this generation?"" Matthew 11 : 16

“Jesus said to the crowds; ‘But to what will I compare this generation?  It is like children sitting in the marketplaces and calling to one another…. For John the Baptist came neither eating nor drinking and they say; ‘He has a demon’ ; the Son of man came eating and drinking and they say; ‘Look a glutton and a drunkard,  a friend of sinners and tax collectors.'” (Matthew 11 : 16-19)    Are we like these children always missing the message while focusing on something else.  We need to listen carefully to the message and make it our own – this message is ours for the taking and we need to listen to it carefully and follow it in our lives.  Let us grasp it when we have the chance.

Prayer Lord Jesus may I always listen attentively to your message and make it a rule of life to follow your words. Never allow me to become careless or lazy in following you, so that I may be a true and faithful disciple. Amen