Prayer of the Day

Second Week of Advent – Feast of St. Juan Diego

December 9th, 2014
""He goes in search of the one that went astray."" Matthew 18 : 12

As we mature in life we realise we have responsibilities.  Duties we must do and decisions we must make.  Jesus tells us the story of the shepherd who goes looking for his lost sheep and how happy he is when he finds it. (Luke 18 : 10-14)  God is happy too when we are friends with him and live our lives in his friendship.  Remember,  Jesus died for you, because he loves you so much and wants you to be his.  Your life is precious to him.  Everyone I meet in life is precious to God.  Even the least important person is precious to God.  Do I show this respect to everyone?  We should have respect and kindness for everyone – there are no exceptions.  Ask Jesus in prayer to make you like this.


Prayer Dear Lord, help me to be a really good, sincere person - kind, helpful, forgiving and always be strong enough to say 'sorry' if I have offended anyone. Amen