Prayer of the Day

Second Week of Easter

April 16th, 2015
"John 3 : 34" "The one whom God sent speaks the words of God."

It appears then that Jesus is the chief lawyer delivering the presentation of His case before the grand jury and the people.  Let us remember that it is not Jesus who is on trial here.  We are the ones on trial.  With the presence of Jesus,  we must make our personal decision,  whether we accept Him or reject Him and His Gospel,  we face the consequences,  eternal life,  or wrath of God.  God shares everything with His Son,  power,  authority,  wisdom and truthfulness.   Christ could have dropped from Heaven and proclaimed the Gospel to the media straight away.  Instead Christ was born of a woman,  grew up in a human family,  had rough hands and dirty feet,  and shared our hopes and dreams.  This is the most lovable and believable Jesus Christ.

Prayer Lord, we pray for all who perform great deeds. May they recognise God's hand at work and find joy in co-operating with God through the use of their gifts and talents. Lord hear us. Amen