Prayer of the Day

Second Week of Lent – Feast of The Chair of St. Peter

February 22nd, 2016
"Who do you say I am? " Matthew 16 : 15

This radical question was addressed to all the Apostles –it is only Peter who responds positively that Jesus belongs to the Father. He is then given the task of leadership. What qualities does Jesus see in Peter to honour him so?  What are the qualities we look for in good leaders?  Usually, that they are commissioned for leadership by a competent authority figure and have some of the necessary gifts like self-belief and integrity of purpose to do the job properly.  It would seem that Peter often failed the test of leadership abysmally, but was always forgiven and continued to lead the Church community after the Lord’s Ascension.


Lord, we ask you that we may have a strong faith in you as our Leader, and that we choose wise and competent guides in our life’s journey to bring us to you. Amen