Prayer of the Day

Seventeenth Sunday of the Year

July 27th, 2014
"“He sells everything he owns and buys the field.”" Matthew 13 : 44

 Day of Special prayer for Life.   The Kingdom of Heaven is a kind of treasure which a person, just digging around, happened to find among the other “stuff” buried in the field. What was the person looking for in the first place, and what was the treasure? Why did he bury it again and go to buy the whole field? The finding is one thing, but buying the whole field is the centre meaning. No matter what we are searching for, if we keep digging we will find God. Buying into God’s being God and all that this relationship invites us to, is buying the whole field including those things we do not understand or want. The person bought the field for what he believed to be treasure and later could have found other things which time revealed to him as perhaps even more a treasure.

Prayer Lord, help us to be willing to seek the greatest “TREASURE” you alone. Amen