Prayer of the Day

Seventh Week of Easter

May 9th, 2016
"Be brave, I have conquered the world." John 16 : 32
The Gate Way

In spite of their belief, Jesus warned his disciples that their faith would be put to the test and that they would fail. Jesus spoke plainly about the tragedy of betrayal and the triumph of the cross.  Jesus knew the hearts of his disciples better than they knew.  He knew they would desert him in his hour of trial.  Jesus met the injury of betrayal and disloyalty with supreme love and trust in his disciples.  He knew that the cross would not bring defeat but victory over sin and death.  Jesus speaks the same word to us today.  “My love for you is unconditional and I will never abandon you”. While we cannot avoid all pain and suffering in this life, Jesus, nonetheless assures us that he will guide us safely through any difficulty or trial we may have to undergo for his sake.  Jesus calls each of us to take courage, because he has overcome the world.  The Holy Spirit gives us a living hope in the power of the resurrection and a confident trust in God’s abiding presence.   The Holy Spirit gives us the strength and courage we need to overcome adversity and to persevere in faith


Lord, help me to trust in your saving power, especially when I meet adversities and trials. Give me your peace when I am troubled and let me know the joy of your victory over sin and death. Amen