Prayer of the Day

Sixth Week of Easter

May 28th, 2014
""God is not far from any of us, since it is in Him that we live and move and have our being."" Acts 17 : 28

St. Paul is known as the Apostle of the Gentiles as he took the Word of God to the non Jews.  In to-day’s first Reading we get a very clear picture of his approach to the pagans as he addresses the learned men of Athens.   Among their many sacred monuments Paul notices an altar inscribed to “An Unknown God.”  It seems the Greeks were afraid they would provoke the anger of gods whose names they didn’t know if they didn’t include them in their statues.

Paul turns this practice to his own purpose as he proclaims that the unknown god whom they worship is in fact the one true God – the Creator of the world and all that is in it.  We notice that Paul does not rail against paganism.  Instead he pays tribute to the searching of the Greeks and the glimmers of truth which their poets reveal.

We are reminded of St. Patrick’s approach to the pagan practices he found in Ireland.  Having discerned  what was good in them he Christianised them making them part of the faith.  We rejoice in the encouragement given by the Church in recent years to find good in all religions and to respect them.   Inter-Religious Dialogue at all levels is now an important part of our faith.   But it’s not just in people of faith that we find god.  Even the Greek poets recognised that “we are all his children.” (Acts 17 : 28)  Yes we are all created in his image and likeness.  And since God doesn’t repeat himself every human reveals something unique about God.

Prayer Lord open my eyes to your presence in every person I meet and help that person to find you in the way I relate to him/her. Amen