Prayer of the Day

Tenth Sunday of the Year

June 5th, 2016
"Five of them were foolish and five were wise." Matthew 25 : 2
5 Wise Virgins

The lighted lamps of the ten virgins may well be a metaphor for our faith.  The oil reserves needed to keep the flame alive are the initial first fervour of faith.  Jesus tells us to persevere till the end.  Thus we must nourish our life of faith by good deeds,  missionary participation,  and exemplary lives.  Salvation is not automatic,  it can’t work on its own.  It is fought for,  striven for,  and sacrificed for until the day that we are open to God’s precious gift.


Lord we pray that you grant us hearts open to your abundant grace, and eyes of faith that help us see and trust in the signs of your presence that surround us. Lord hear us. Amen