Prayer of the Day

The Ascension of Our Lord

May 8th, 2016
"As he blessed them he was carried up to heaven." Luke 24 : 50

The last act of Jesus as he was carried up into heaven was to bless the disciples.   The blessing and the miracle of the ascension led the disciples to worship him, to praise God and to be filled with joy, even though Jesus had left them. The ascension was a deeply spiritual time of blessing and joy.   It takes courage to follow Christ. It is no road for someone who seeks a non-challenging and unchanging life.   When we let go of the things we attempt to control, we find peace and joy, because each time we do this our trust in God deepens.    If we want to experience the true freedom which comes from following Jesus then we must be willing to allow Jesus to transform control into trust and belief in his care for us.


Come Holy Spirit fill the hearts of each one of us and enkindle in us the light of your Spirit. Amen