Prayer of the Day

Third Sunday of Easter

April 19th, 2015
""His Mother said to the servants; 'Do whatever he tells you.'"" John 2 : 5

This happened at the wedding of Cana where Jesus performed his first miracle at the request of his Mother.  Mary is our model.  She is the model for all who believe in her Son, Jesus Christ.   Mary was touched with compassion for the bridal pair who had run short of wine.  She wished to spare them embarrassment.    Inspired by the Holy Spirit she mentioned this to her Son.  He told her his hour had not yet come.  However,  Mary knew her Son would help out.  So with wholehearted confidence in Him, she said to the waiters; “Do whatever He tells you.”

Here, Mary is telling us to trust her Son in all the problems and difficulties we meet within our daily lives.  As Julian of Norwich said; “All will be well and all manner of things will be well.”  We only have to trust in God as Mary did.  When we do that wonders happen.   At Mary’s request the water became wine!!

Prayer Help us Lord to be open to God as Mary was. May we allow God into our lives and may we be supported always by the prayers of Mary our Mother and God's Mother. Amen