Prayer of the Day

Third Sunday of Lent

February 28th, 2016
"Unless you repent you will all perish as they did. " Luke 13 : 1

In today’s Gospel people came to Jesus with a story of the violent deaths of some people in the Temple.  They seemed to be asking Jesus if the victims deserved such a fate because of their sins.  Jesus used this incident and another similar event which occurred in the past to bring to their attention the urgent need for repentance not just for obvious sinners but for everyone.   The fig-tree that Jesus spoke about in the parable that followed represented Israel.  Like the fig-tree Israel was a very privileged nation planted in the Lord’s vineyard.  The fig-tree bore no fruits and neither did Israel’s religious leaders.  They saw themselves as sinless with no need for Jesus and they tried in every way to prevent the people from following him.  God gave them time to repent but they refused and in 70 A.D. the Temple was destroyed by the Romans.  God is very patient but we cannot take his patience for granted.  Repentance is at the heart of the Gospel.   It is a call for a spiritual awakening.  Answering the call to repentance demands honesty, humility and courage.  It means acquiring a new vision, taking a new direction.  Following Jesus is an ongoing conversion experience.


Heavenly Father help us to keep our eyes on Jesus, to ponder his words, and to accept the challenge of repentance. Amen