Prayer of the Day

Third Sunday of the Year

January 25th, 2015
""Jesus said to Simon and his brother Andrew; 'Follow me and I will make you into fishers of men.' At once they left their nets and followed him."" Mark 1 : 18

Jesus attracted them as no one ever had before.  He was like a magnet.  There was no hesitation on their part.  They responded immediately.  They left their father,  their hired men and their boats.  Only Christ mattered to them now.   Mark is the pioneer Evangelist,  the first to write the story of mankind’s encounter with God in the person of Jesus Christ.  However,  following in the footsteps of Jesus was no bed of roses.  They were now on a road which was leading to Calvary.  The mystery of the Cross over-shadowed their future lives as followers of Christ.  Following Christ involves sacrifices for us too.  We must first turn away from sin,  take up our daily cross and follow like Simon and Andrew in the footsteps of Christ.  However,  in spite of daily difficulties and struggles,  ill health,  loss of loved ones,  there is always an abundance of love and peace in our lives as we try to stay close to Christ.  Following Christ is a labour of love and lightens the cross each one has to carry.  As St. Augustine said; “Our hearts will never rest until they rest in God.”

Prayer Let us pray: Lord, draw us to follow you like Simon and Andrew and help us also to attract others to walk in your footsteps. Amen