Prayer of the Day

Third Sunday of the Year

January 26th, 2014
""Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is close at hand."" Matthew 4 : 17

In this Sunday’s Gospel,  we read that at the start of his ministry, walking by the sea of Galilee,  he encountered some fishermen working on their nets.  Jesus’ invitation to “Come follow me” is extended to every human being.   Christian faith is profoundly rooted in this personal invitation.   Some people have extraordinary charisma.  They go into a room and immediately become the centre of attention.  Jesus had such a personality.  He invites them to follow him,  and they follow.   Of course,  Simon Peter and the other Apostles were not the only ones to give up everything to follow Jesus.  Countless others,  down the centuries,  have done so too.   They were so attracted by the personality and message of Jesus,  and felt the power of his love so strongly,  that they were willing to give up everything to be his disciples.

Jesus also brings a message of hope and a message of healing.   We are forgiven and we forgive,  and we can find meaning in our suffering.  Repentance is the first step on the road towards healing.  The Church,  in her mercy,  has given us the sacrament of reconciliation,  through which we can experience comfort,  healing and the joy of repentance.

Prayer Despite our weaknesses, you call us, Lord, to serve you on our own unique path. Be always our refuge and our strength. Amen