Prayer of the Day

Third Week of Advent

December 16th, 2015
"Happy is the one who does not lose faith in me." Luke 7 : 23
Love of Jesus

John the Baptist is one of the main characters in the Advent Liturgy.  To-day’s Gospel presents him a prisoner of King Herod because he has denounced the king for his unlawful and immoral relationship with his brothers’ wife.  Alone in a dark dungeon John has his moments of doubt.  Is Jesus whose coming he prepared really the Messiah?  If so why doesn’t he do something to bring about his release?   But John doesn’t allow this doubt to overwhelm him.  Instead he acts – he sends two of his disciples to question Jesus about his identity.  Is he really the Messiah?  Our Lord’s answer is based on the good works which he is carrying out.  He sends the disciples back to John to tell him of the cures which they have witnessed and the Good News which they have heard Jesus preach.   It should be obvious to John that these are the works of the Messiah.  But Jesus also sends John a word of warning – don’t get discouraged – don’t lose faith.

All of us have our moments of doubt especially when we are doing our best and things go against us.  How often we hear a good person say; ‘Why is God letting this happen to me?’  It is then that we need to remember and reflect on those words of Jesus; ‘Happy the one who does not lose faith in me.’


Lord we pray for Christians who are enduring harsh persecution in many countries to-day. May their faith be strengthened so that they remain steadfast and may someone come to their aid. Amen