Prayer of the Day

Third Week of Lent

February 29th, 2016
"No prophet is ever accepted in his own country. " Luke 4 : 24

The vocation of the prophet in Israel was a dangerous one.  Most of the prophets sent by God to Israel were killed and Jesus was no exception.  Prophets were unpopular because they told unpalatable truths.  On a visit to his hometown in Nazareth Jesus went to the local synagogue on the sabbath and read from the scroll of the prophet Isaiah and gave an interpretation.  At first his sentiments were well received because he spoke so well but after a short time the meaning of his words sunk in.  He was claiming to be the promised Messiah.  Jesus, the carpenter’s son, whom they had known since childhood was claiming that he was the one designated by God  to bring sight to the blind, liberty to prisoners, and set the down-trodden free.  They became very indignant.  Who was he to describe them as blind, or poor, or prisoners.  They were religious people with no need for him.  They went to the Synagogue every Sabbath and said their prescribed prayers.  Jesus reading their thoughts said that a prophet is never accepted in his own place.  Then he mentioned well-known prophets from the past who were sent to bring God’s blessings to pagan people.  This seemed to suggest that God’s gifts were going to be given to pagan nations.  This really maddened them and they brought him out intending to kill him but he managed to walk away from them.


Lord Jesus help us to discover the depths of our spiritual poverty and great need for you. Amen