Prayer of the Day

Third Week of Lent

March 3rd, 2016
"The one who is not with me is against me. " Luke 11 : 14
Healings of Jesus

Jesus came to usher in the Kingdom of God and defeat the kingdom of Satan.  In today’s reading we find him casting out a devil that was dumb.  Jealous of his success the religious leaders tried to frighten the people into thinking that his power came from an evil source.  With a few scathing words Jesus showed them just how ridiculous their ideas were.  Why would the devil divide his own kingdom he asked them.  Jesus brought healing and wholeness through the power of God.  During his life Jesus continued to battle with the devil and according to Pope Francis we too are in continuous battle with Satan right through our lives.  He warned us that whoever wants to be a follower of Jesus must be aware of this reality.  “The devil is frequently active in our lives and in the church, drawing us into negativity, cynicism, despair, meanness of spirit, sadness and nostalgia.”  We have to be with Jesus totally in this fight against the evil one “the one who is not with me is against me.”


Lord Jesus make us strong in our resistance to temptation and evil. Amen