Prayer of the Day

Third Week of Lent

March 26th, 2014
""Do not imagine that I have come to abolish the Law or the prophets. I have come, not to abolish, but to complete them."" Matthew 5 : 17

Jesus did not come to dispense with any of the Laws of the Old Testament given to them by the prophets,  The Ten Commandments are as relevant for us to-day as they were when God gave them to Moses.  All the prophets urged their people to live by the Commandments,  which are the laws of God.

Jesus is greater than any prophet.  He doesn’t want God’s laws to be a burden on his people.  He objected to the way the Scribes and Pharisees were changing and twisting God’s laws in their own interest.   They put unjust and intolerable burdens on the poor.  Notice the way they followed Jesus to see would he heal people on the Sabbath.  When he did,  his enemies had more reasons for having Christ put to death.   Jesus wanted God’s law to be a law of love,  not fear.  He wants his people to love him.

The ordinary people looked upon Jesus as their Messiah.  They knew he was on their side,  the side of the poor.  These,  the Pharisees considered to be sinners,  the great unwashed.  On the other hand,  the people loved Jesus.  He spoke with authority.  His laws were just.   The present Pope is following in Christ’s footsteps in reaching out to the poor,  the sinner and the needy.  That includes all of us.  In his own life style he is manifesting God’s kindness and mercy.

Prayer May this Lent be for us Lord, a time of renewal. Help us too see what is in our lives that needs changing. Give us the courage to follow in your footsteps. Amen