Prayer of the Day

Thirteenth Sunday of the Year

June 26th, 2016
"If you are led by the Spirit, no law can touch you." Galatians 5 : 18

If our desire is to have the qualities which St. Paul lists further on in this chapter – viz. love,  joy,  peace,  patience,  kindness,  goodness,  faithfulness,  gentleness and self-control – then you know that the Holy Spirit is leading you.  Being led by the Holy Spirit involves the desire to obey God’s word and the sensitivity to discern between your feelings and the promptings of the Spirit.  We are called to live each day guided by the Holy Spirit.  Then the words of Christ will be in your mind  your actions will be inspired by the love of Christ and the power of Christ will help you control your selfish desires.


Holy Spirit, enlighten my mind and touch my heart this day. Amen