Prayer of the Day

Thursday After Epiphany

January 7th, 2016
"The Kingdom of Heaven is close at hand. " Matthew 4 : 12

The phrase “Kingdom of God” occurs 122 times in the New Testament. In Matthew’s Gospel the word ‘heaven’ is substituted for ‘God’ because it was written for a Jewish/Christian community. Jews never spoke or wrote the word “God.” The kingdom of God was central to the message of Jesus. The parables about the Kingdom often confused the listeners. These stories turned their values upside down. Jesus told Nicodemus that one must be “born again” (John 3:1-8) in order to enter into the kingdom. In Jesus himself we can see God’s kingdom. He allowed God free reign in his life through his self-emptying surrender to the Father’s will. In Jesus divine love is bursting its banks, overflowing and surging into the world to make it God’s own. Yet very few of us have really understood what it means to allow God’s love to flood our hearts and through us flood the world. Saints such a as Francis of Assisi give us some inkling but we prefer less challenging versions of Christianity.


Heavenly Father we ask you to help us to overcome all the fear and selfishness that prevents us from allowing you free reign in our hearts. We ask this through Jesus, your Son. Amen