Prayer of the Day

Twentieth Week of the Year

August 18th, 2014
""All of these I have observed."" Matthew 19 : 20

It would seem that the young man was being presumptuous when he claimed that he has observed the commandments.  It seems that these pious Jews want to measure what they do for God, and feel good after doing so.  This sounds a bit superficial.  It is right and fitting then that Jesus would inform this young man with the essentials while at the same time using the style that the man understands.  If he has observed well every bit and piece of the commandments,  then he can renounce every bit and piece of his possessions since his whole heart is supposed to rest on God alone,  but his heart is exposed by Jesus and proven to be and possessed by his worldly goods.  He has not really observed the commandments.

Prayer Jesus allowed nothing to get in the way of doing His Father's will. Let us pray for the courage to put God first at all times. Amen