Prayer of the Day

Twenty-First Sunday of the Year

August 21st, 2016
"People from east and west, from north and south, will come to take their places at the feast in the Kingdom of God." Luke 13 : 29

Today’s readings proclaim the Good News that God’s plan of salvation includes everyone.  For centuries the Jews thought of themselves as ‘the elect’ – the only ones chosen by God to inherit the Kingdom of God.  This belief was deeply rooted even tho’ Isaiah had clearly prophesied that the Lord would ‘gather together the nations of every language.’ (Isaiah 66 : 181)   Jesus himself proclaimed that people of every nation would feast together in the Kingdom of God.  In spite of this it took the Apostles some time to accept the truth that Jesus had come to save everyone.  In fact it was only after an apparition from Heaven that Peter was convinced that ‘God had no favourites.’  (Acts 10 : 34)

What about us ?  Do we look on our Christian faith as something that makes us better than others ?  or do we see it, as Pope Francis urges us,  as a gift to be joyfully shared with everyone ?


Lord we thank you for the beautiful gift of our Christian faith. we ask you to give us your Spirit so that we may give joyful witness to you in our daily lives. Amen