Prayer of the Day

Wednesday in Holy Week

April 16th, 2014
""The disciples did as Jesus had ordered, and prepared the Passover meal."" Matthew 26 : 17

Today is traditionally called “Spy Wednesday” which is the day that recalls when Judas decided to betray Jesus and receive from the high priests thirty pieces of silver to have Jesus killed.   Judas Iscariot will be known until the end of time as the one who betrayed Christ.  We will never know what drove this disciple to betray his Lord.   Like the zealots,  he may have hoped that the Messiah would free his people from the yoke of their Roman oppressors,  but perhaps the most likely reason,  he may have been motivated by money and greed.   The important thing to remember about Judas is that Jesus loved him to the end.

St. John of the Cross wrote; “An instant of pure love is more precious to God and more profitable to the Church,  than all other good works together.”  God rewards our efforts to love him.   An act of kindness here,  a letting go of a resentment there,  a moment of prayer to give thanks,  taking time to read a passage from the Bible.  Such gestures are acts of love and they are precious in God’s eyes.

Prayer Lord God, we all betray you in one way or another in our daily lives. We ask your mercy and forgiveness. Amen