Prayer of the Day

Week of Prayer for Church Unity

January 20th, 2015
""The Sabbath was made for mankind, and not mankind for the Sabbath."" Mark 2 : 27

The Sabbath observance is particularly sacred to the Jews who believe that it has been sanctioned by God.  It is an indication of their reverence to God.  What was a form of reverence has become more legalistic than anything else.  This is evident by the way the Pharisees refer to the plucking of the heads of corn by Jesus’ disciples as they pass through a field of wheat.  They say that the disciples are guilty of working on the Sabbath.  Jesus replies by quoting examples from Scripture.  The Sabbath, He says, is intended to serve, not to enslave men and women.  Jesus,  God’s anointed one,  has the same freedom as David in respect to the law.  He is Lord and he has authority even over the Sabbath.  Every day we are faced with rules and regulations,  in school,  at the office,  in Church, and in our own family.

Prayer Heavenly Father, you rule heaven and earth with merciful, generous love. Bring us closer to you that we might be humbled, and compassionate in serving you and others. Lord hear us. Amen