Prayer of the Day

Week of Prayer for Church Unity

January 23rd, 2015
""And He appointed twelve, whom he also named Apostles."" Mark 3 : 14

The disciples are now formed into a distinct group.  The choosing of the Twelve takes place on a mountain.  This calls to mind Mount Sinai from which God came down and made His covenant with Israel,  His chosen people.  About to institute the new Israel Jesus names the Twelve who will take the place of the Twelve Tribes of old Israel.  It is Jesus who calls those whom He chooses.  From all Israel He chooses those men who will be known as Apostles,  those whom He will ‘Send.’  They will share an intimacy with Him,  drive out demons in His name,  and proclaim the Good News.  Mark stresses the point that these men will be with Jesus as the Community that understand Him in His Ministry and His person.  In spite of their slowness in learning the Twelve became the nucleus of Jesus’ Ministry.  The living witnesses of their Master,  they will carry on after He ascends to the Father.

Prayer Lord Jesus, you are always with us, burning within our hearts. Sometimes we forget you are there, but you conquered death in order to be with us forever. Amen